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What’s the Point?

I’ve blogged before in lots of forms and in even more forums over my years of being in school, in business, and now, currently. It just wasn’t called “blogging.” Heck, I didn’t even know it was “blogging!” It was just a way to get something out….to get something off my chest…to show…to teach…to motivate…to inspire…to question…to challenge…to be challenged.

My most recent foray was as a part of the Nutrisystem weight loss online community, where, after having gained too much weight as a result of fatherhood, not paying attention to my health and fitness, and having high-pressure/low free-time jobs – the usual suspects, I had my first “real” blog experience. I called it “Tony’s Rant” and I, at first, detailed my trials, thoughts, and advice as I lost 32 pounds using their food and the program. (I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to lose weight – it works!) After I lost the very unhealthy weight, I noticed that my success, as well as the others who were similarly successful, was based on a very pragmatic, no-nonsense, tough-love mindset. I adopted that mindset in my blogs subsequent to my weight loss. I also took on some “sacred cows,” and caused more than a little controversy. It was a place where people came not only to have their virtual butt’s chewed on, but to receive a parting inspirational, motivational “shot”…along with my offer to assist in any way I could. It was therapeutic, not only for me, but for those who read it as well (so the readers told me). I received numerous coaching offers and engagements from many of the readers based on what was said and the ensuing feedback. I know now that that therapeutic result can be equated to “value.”

I intend to do the same here. It is my sincere hope that I can add value to anyone who drops by and takes a read. That value can take several forms. It can make you angry, make you talk, make you care, make you think, and make you act. I would appreciate knowing your thoughts, your feelings and your points of view. As I bring value to you, I will, in turn, get value from you.

What’s the point? That’s the point!

– Tony

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