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"Tony can sell anything and he is just plain wonderful to work with. He expertly coaches everyone from senior executives on perfecting their leadership skills down to entry level professionals developing their skill set. His innovative ideas and team-building techniques will make a difference. They did for me!"

Director, Work Comp Consulting at WorkFit

"Tony is an amazing mentor, with so much motivation and energy! He had helped me to face interviews with full confidence, and gave me amazing strategies on how to speak. He truly is willing to go out of the way and help any individual based on his past experience. Thank you Tony for your support, I was truly inspired!"

Environmental Engineer

"I discovered Tony in a discussion group if reference to networking so I asked him for advice not really expecting to receive a reply. Well, lo and behold I got more than just a "generic response" but the coaching and advice that I needed to define and expand my personal brand. I highly recommend Tony Gates to assist you in achieving any goal that you have set for yourself. His upbeat, positive demeanor can motivate even the most uninspired person to achieve their personal best."

Gucci Selling Supervisor-Neiman Marcus

"Tony is a thoughtful and knowledgeable career coach, helping me to build my "brand identity." In two hours, Tony propelled me down a path which will create more contacts and greater success in my business of writing and social media. I would recommend Tony to anyone looking for more exposure and knowledge of networking and brand identity. Tony is FANTASTIC, gently guiding me through the "networking maze" to the next level. After completing our first short session I feel more confident and I am looking forward to the results and more time with Tony in the coming weeks."


"I first met Tony in the discussions of the LinkedIn Top Recommended People group and I can now see why he is a member! He is tops in my book! I am in the process of learning the ins and outs of the world of social media and Tony offered to help me out with a couple of things to make my presence flow better. Well, two hours later....I can't believe what a world of difference he has made to my business presence and personal branding in cyberspace. He truly knows his stuff and was extremely patient with me. When I did not understand what he was referring to he would rephrase it in a way that even I could understand. His ability to coach and share his expertise with me is appreciated more than I can state here in this recommendation. Anyone needing professional coaching should definitely contact Tony Gates."

Hospitality Pro

"Tony Gates is the consummate professional. I have had the pleasure of working with Tony, interviewing him on my radio show, and seeing him speak, and with each encounter I have become more impressed with his level of skill, compassion and expertise.

I would happily recommend Tony to anyone who is looking for the best of the best. "

Brain-Based Biz Trainer

"I have talked to Tony on several occasions and attending a few of his group presentations as well. I feel that his creativity and knowledge of marketing and social media in particular make him a valuable contact for almost any industry or sales organization. I have observed that he is always well prepared, organized, and enthusiastic. I would personally hire Tony as a business consultant or as a key note speaker for those that want to take their sales force or business to the next level."

Fixed Annuities, Life Insurance Broker

"I have had the good fortune to have met Mr. Gates last year at a local networking event. Since that time I have experienced his dynamic and inspiring presentations on several occasions. He continues to impress and amaze with the depth and breadth of his knowledge and caring for individuals and their growth. I highly recommend any organization, individual or entrepreneur to contact Tony Gates Consulting to see how he can improve not only their business skills, profitability but personal development. "

Clinic Director

"Tony Gates is very knowledgeable about social media and branding as well as business consulting. With just a few hours with Tony, I was able to learn about LinkedIn and Twitter that would take me months to learn. He also consulted me with what I need to do with my business and which direction to go. I highly recommend Tony Gates if you want to take your business to the next level!!"

Purchasing/AP Specialist at SynGen Inc.

"Having the fortunate opportunity to visit with Tony at several social, and business events, I can confidently recommend Tony as a valuable consultant. I have attended several of Tony's group presentations, when Tony shares his knowledge of social media, it is instantly clear that he is speaking from experience. Tony's advice on marketing not only makes sense, it confirms many of my own values. I have felt reassured to know that a personal human touch is in-line for our time. In every environment that I've shared with Tony, it is rewarding to see that he is not only interested in the growth of others, he is also enthusiastic about their success."

Massage Therapist