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Do Year End Bonuses Motivate?

End of year bonuses, particularly during these economic times, are being evaluated closely by businesses large and small. This issue becomes especially sharp with the generally limited-budgeted small business, however. Overall, I would say that, in general, these discretionary bonuses do little, if anything, to motivate employees. They do generate warm feelings and goodwill, but… Continue Reading

Developing and Communicating Your Vision

In my last blog entry, I talked about teams performing their best when there’s a vision of success. I mentioned that it is the leader’s job – moral obligation, actually – to concoct and communicate this vision. He/she must then follow up to insure that this vision is internalized and lived by the team. I… Continue Reading

The Vision of Success

My 9 year old son plays on a football team. During one of his football games, I saw the sheer desire, the absolute will to win that his coach had. I also noted that that same will to win had not found its way to my son, nor the rest of the team that fateful… Continue Reading

What’s the Point?

I’ve blogged before in lots of forms and in even more forums over my years of being in school, in business, and now, currently. It just wasn’t called “blogging.” Heck, I didn’t even know it was “blogging!” It was just a way to get something out….to get something off my chest…to show…to teach…to motivate…to inspire…to… Continue Reading